Nutrition Coaching


Just as we have different levels for our programming, there are different levels for your nutrition

Nutrition is not a one size fits all approach. Having a nutrition coach is like having a coach in class. We’re hear to guide you, to find appropriate scaling options, and to meet you where you are. We never want you to feel overwhelmed or out of place. We want to help you create the habits that will help you live a life of longevity. 


Ashlyn has been doing CrossFit since 2013. She started while a student at Appalachian State University where she studied Health Promotion. While there, she focused on community health and the intersection between food access and health outcomes. She continued her studies at New York University where she gained her Masters degree in Public Health focusing on food insecurity and food waste. She has been coaching clients with CrossFit since 2017 and has been helping clients with their nutrition and habits since 2019.




Meredith Magnini has been involved in the health and fitness industry in many different capacities since her college days at Penn State University, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Science. She continued to pursue her studies in Nutrition at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, where she completed her dietetic internship and received her graduate degree in Nutrition. She has been practicing as a Licensed and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist since 2005. She has worked in the hospitals, the food industry writing food ingredient listings and International regulatory work, and as of late working towards a private practice specializing in disordered eating.




I focus on a deep-health practice. I am not married to a number on a scale or a tape measurer. True success typically is not numerical.

I will guide you in the right direction to empower you to make your own decisions, but ultimately this journey is yours.

As a nutrition coach, I cannot make medical diagnoses, but can refer you to those who might. I will not give you a meal plan, but can make suggestions for well-rounded meals. I will not tell you what you can and can’t eat, but I will help you determine you food choices.

If you’re interested in improving more than just the food on your plate, I’m your coach!



As a Dietitian I see clients with many nutritional goals.  In my private practice, I work with those looking to establish, develop, and fine-tune their relationship with food and self.

This means in my private practice I do not prescribe diets, meal plans, and/or tell clients how to eat or what not to eat.

You are the expert of your body and health and together we will work together and collaborate to create a realistic and nourishing plan for your goals.

At CrossFit Surmount and with athletes involved in sports/exercise, I counsel in addition to Intuitive Eating and Nutrition Therapy, a Sports Nutrition lens.

With coaching you will learn


How to create better relationships with your food and yourself

How to measure progress off of the scale

How to fuel your performance whether in the gym or at home

How to reach your goals in a sustainable and realistic way

How to create habits that will improve your sleep, mood, and energy

so much more!

Client Intake

30 min: $25

This is required for all clients. It includes an assessment of your baseline including, nutritional intake, current eating behavior, sleep habits, mood, stress, level of activity, current medications, any illnesses or allergies, and what you would like to get out of this program. This is also a great option for clients who have nutrition coaching experience, have worked with a coach before, and just need a quick reset!

What’s Included?

• A review of your intake form
• Action items for reaching your goals
• Macro calculations or portion guides, if applicable

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This is the minimum requirement for all new clients. This includes the pricing of the intake noted above. After our initial intake, we will have weekly check-ins via email to see how you’re doing. I am always available to you for quick questions, but these check-ins are our chance to take a deep dive into how the week went.



This is for existing clients who want to continue to work together on a month-to-month billing with weekly check-ins



For clients who have mastered their new habits, but would like a little accountability. This option offers a check-in twice a month with access to your coach during other days.