The first picture I received of Luke, then named "Harper". He's definitely a Luke!

The first picture I received of Luke, then named “Harper”. He’s definitely a Luke!

Thursday, October 17

Open Gym from 6 to 9 am and from 4 to 6 pm
Boot Camp at 6 & 7 am
Yoga at 6 pm
Foundations, part 4 from 6:30 to 8 pm

Barbells for Boobs fundraiser for breast cancer awareness will be held at CFS Saturday, November 9. Click here for details.


  • The shower is will be ready tomorrow!
  • IMPORTANT SCHEDULE CHANGE: Beginning next week, WODs will be held Monday & Wednesday from 7:15 to 8:15 am. Until further notice, the 8:30 am WOD held on Monday and Wednesday is cancelled. The 8:30 am WOD will continue to be held on Tuesday and Friday. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience! All CFS members are more than welcome to attend Boot Camp held Monday and Wednesday from 7 until 7:45. THERE ARE NO OTHER CHANGES TO THE SCHEDULE.
  • Today is Luke’s 3rd birthday! We’ll be celebrating with cake tomorrow! It’s a 2-layer organic, low sugar, apple, peanut butter, carrot cake made with Irish oats, organic whole wheat flour, and sweetened with honey (the baker ground the peanuts herself to add a little crunch that walnuts would do normally for a carrot cake as walnuts are not good for dogs) with a generous filling of organic cream cheese, a touch of Clover honey and creamy natural peanut butter.  The cake also contains eggs, organic milk, and aluminum free baking powder.
  • Wonder how Luke entered our lives? Click here for details!

Yoga at 6! We missed you last week, Doreen!

You can  choose to work on a skill, make up a missed WOD, etc. during Open Gym. If you are making up a missed WOD or working on a skill, be sure to have a plan.

As always, coaches Chris and Paul will be leading the 6 am & 7 am Boot Camps, respectively.