Joining CrossFit Surmount has undoubtedly been one of the best decisions of my life. It has literally changed my life. Before joining CrossFit Surmount, I was the definition of the term “lazy.” In my late twenties I found myself severely overweight, out of shape, and completely unmotivated. After a brief period of dieting, I quickly realized that a strict diet was no realistic way to live my life. Something physically needed to change.  Initially, I decided to try CrossFit at another local box and walked away with a horrible first impression. This discouragement almost led me to give up on the entire idea of CrossFit. A friend suggested I try CrossFit Surmount because it was “different.” She could not have been more right. This gym is not just another box, it is a family. From the moment I met Coach Paul, I knew he was truly unique. He understood the concept of a fantastic coach. The level of comfort I felt, even a very beginner level, made me feel adequate; a concept often forgotten. Over the past year, I have witnessed this box grow with the same support, encouragement, and coaching that creates such a positive atmosphere. This, coupled with the superior equipment and constant variation, creates successful results. The most inspiring aspect is that this box defines the philosophy that anyone can do CrossFit. In recent travels, I’ve had the opportunity to visit several other boxes and I can sincerely say there is no place like the home I have found at CrossFit Surmount.