WOD for Sunday, September 15

WODs at 9:45 & 11 am

Awesome job yesterday, athletes! Be sure to record your push-jerk PRs on the whiteboard. I mean it.

That’s the first time I’ve ever chipped away at 30 HSPUs. Two words: smoked shoulders.

A special thank you to Glenda for presenting an excellent presentation regarding financial fitness. I highly recommend that you speak to her about your retirement plans — regardless of your age.

As you may have noticed, we’ve been spending much time with the barbell, so today we’ll take a break from the barbell and heavy lifting.

400m walking lunges
Rest exactly 3 minutes

3 rounds not for time
Max reps Abmat unbroken sit-ups; rest exactly 1 minute between rounds


3, 2-minute rounds for max reps Abmat sit-ups; rest exactly 1 minute between rounds

Yup, you read the correctly. I strongly suggest that you wear something to protect your knees, e.g., long pants and/or knee pads. You can also use athletic tape to protect your knees. For those of you with hairy knees (and you know who you are, Angie), it’s gonna hurt when you take off the tape.

Complete walking lunges as fast as possible and keep count of number of steps. You’ll record both scores.

Coach Paul or Jeff will start the timer and a stopwatch at the same time. Walking lunges will be completed outside. Once you’ve completed walking lunges, you’ll wall (or crawl) inside the box.

For those of you completing 3, 2-minute rounds of max reps sit-ups, I suggest positioning the Abmat so that you can glance at the timer. As folks will be starting and stopping at different times, you will be responsible for keeping track of time. Okay? Okay.