I have been a member of CrossFit Surmount for over a year. I can say I am healthier, happier, and fitter than ever! I have always been active. Playing sports in school, getting into video aerobics in high school, going to the gym in college and continuing to do so after but adding group fitness and a 5K race here and there. But I never had the personal coaching, the sense of community, and the encouragement to do things I never thought I could do! I have made great strides in my endurance, in my strength, and in my attitude about what I can do as an athlete. I would never have called myself that before, but now it seems appropriate. I thank the Living Social Gods for putting CrossFit Surmount in front of me with the Bootcamp class and then the athletes I admired on the “dark side” that made me an instant convert. Paul and the rest of the coaching team are amazing and I love looking forward to the WOD every single day!