CrossFit Surmount – CrossFit

Deadlift Ladder @ 65% of 1RM (AMRAP – Rounds)

With a continuously running clock do one deadlift the first minute, two deadlifts the second minute, three deadlifts the third minute, continuing as long as you are able.

Use as many sets each minute as needed.

Metcon (Time)

50 box jumps (24/20)

25 handstand pushups

40 box jumps

20 handstand pushups

30 box jumps

15 handstand pushups

20 box jumps

10 handstand pushups

10 box jumps

5 handstand pushups
Scale as necessary, including decreasing height of box or completing step ups for box jumps and/or using Abmats or substituting strict DB presses for HSPUs.

A strict 20-minute time cap will be called.