Don't look up to God. God doesn't care about your power snatches.

Don’t look up to God. God doesn’t care about your power snatches.

WOD for Monday, September 16

WODs at 6, 8:30, & 11:45 am and 4, 5:15, & 6:30 pm
Boot Camp at 8:30 am

  • Running Clinic THIS SATURDAY, September 21 from 1 to 4 pm. Reserve your spot!
  • CrossFit Durham is hosting the 3rd Annual Xander Tribute on Sunday, September 29. Coach Paul will be leading all of the sessions. CFS will be closed that day, and all members are invited to attend fundraiser for the Animal Protection Society of Durham.

Congratulations to all of you who completed yesterday’s grueling WOD! Did any of you find that you had to walk up and down the stairs backwards? Does it hurt to sneeze or cough?

Headstands, handstands, & handstand walking

Spend up to 10 minutes practicing. Attempt maximum hold time or handstand walking distance.

EMOTM for 24 and up to 32 minutes complete 3 reps of the following 4 activities, cycling through the activities:
A. Power snatches
— 75/53 men less than 200# and women less than 160#
— 85/63 men 200# or greater and women 160# or greater
B. Negative pushups (5″/3″)
C. Chin-ups
D. Ring dips or box jumps (24/20)

On the first minute complete 3 power snatches, negative pushups, and chin-ups. On the second minute complete 3 negative pushups, chin-ups, and ring dips (or box jumps for those of you who did not complete yesterday’s WOD). On the third minute complete 3 chin-ups, ring dips or box jumps, and power snatches.

An easy way to remember what to do is to go backwards one station at the start of each round. Thus if you just completed 3 ring dips, power snatches, and negative pushups, you’d begin with power snatches at the top of the next minute. It really isn’t that complicated. Rest assured that I’ll also be there to remind you what to do.

Women will use 45 and men will use 45 & 25# plates for negative pushups.

If you are unable to complete all 9 reps within the minute, complete the reps and start again at the top of the next round. For example, if during round 15 it takes you 1:10 to complete all 9 reps, rest the remainder of minute 16 (50 seconds) and begin at the top of minute 17.

Keep track of completed rounds and length of time it takes you to complete each round.

If you are able to complete 24 rounds you may complete 28 rounds. If you are able to complete 28 rounds you may complete 32 rounds.

You may not, however, scale during the workout. If you begin with a green band for chin-ups, you may not add a red band. If you begin with 75# for power snatches, you may not decrease weight.