Pre-WOD stretching -- not post-WOD gasping.

Pre-WOD stretching — not post-WOD gasping.

WOD for Tuesday, July 2

WODs at 6, 8:30, & 11:45 am and 5:15 & 6:30 pm
Boot Camps at 6 & 7 am

Announcement: Hero WOD(s) held Thursday, July 4 @ 9 & 10:15 am and Boot Camp @ 8 am. WOD(s) to be announced. The Burkes have graciously offered to host a CFS July 4th Get Together Potluck at their home. Grilled chicken and hamburgers provided — you bring everything else! Details and a sign-up sheet are available at the box. Be sure to let us know what you’re bringing!

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s fast and furious metcon — and Tabata surprise! Many of you are showing significant improvement with double unders. MJ got her first double under, Alex completed his first handstand pushup, Ashlee completed two unbroken handstand pushups, Marianne complete a gazillion double unders, Michelle completed her first (of many during the Tabata) double unders, and Angie wore a hat!

Front squat
5 reps @ 60, 65, & 70% or 1RM

Enjoy de-load week. Yup, front squats are going to feel very easy.

Kipping pull-ups

Click here for a tutorial for Jason Khalipa. Click here for a tutorial from Jeff Tucker. (I attended CrossFit gymnastics certification led by Tucker.)

14-min AMRAP
7 burpees
7 toes to bar
7 burpee toes to bar
7 burpees
7 pull-ups
7 burpee pull-ups

If needed, use a box to stand on and/or jump off of. Do, however, complete a burpee, stand on box, and then complete toes to bar (knees to elbows, knees high, etc.). Do also complete a burpee, step on box, and then jump off of box to complete pull-up, i.e., complete a jumping pull-up. When in doubt, ask your coach!