When I decided to give CrossFit a try, I had mixed expectations. From the research I had done online, I knew that the training principles were spot on with what I wanted to accomplish. However, I wasn’t so sure about the environment of a CrossFit gym. I expected a room full of guys in their early 20s showing off their ripped abs, shirts off, and chest bumping each other to the sound of terrible music. When I entered the door to CrossFit Surmount for one of their free Saturday “Community WODs,” I was immediately impressed with the diversity of the people. All skill levels, shapes, backgrounds, and ages are represented at CrossFit Surmount.

It doesn’t matter if you can knock out 50 pull-ups, or if you can’t yet do a single pull-up — all are treated equally here and all are made to feel welcome.

After my first sweat-filled (and fun!) workout, I knew that I had found my gym.

The final thing that really impressed me, and continues to impress me months later, is the attention to detail from the coaches. They watch meticulously to make sure that proper form is followed, so that injuries are avoided. You can always scale the workouts to match your capability. I’ve had a great time watching my performance improve and have noticed big changes outside of the gym as well. If you’re looking for a down-to-earth kind of gym where everyone is friendly and accepting of different ages and backgrounds, where you are judged not on your performance but on the effort you put into the workout, then I highly recommend CrossFit Surmount!