Hey everybody I’m excited to announce that we have made it official, the “Coach Doza Challenge” will be a regular thing every month! It all started when I was teaching my son, Evan, to traverse the rig. I wanted to work on his grip strength and his overall confidence hanging from the bar. As I was demonstrating how to do it, I got a bug to just keep going and see how far I could get. I made it about 3/4 of the way and my arms were killing me. Just then, Jacob DeLeon yelled out, DO NOT DROP. Haha challenge accepted! I kept going. My grip was dying. My forearms were burning, but I kept going. JUST 2 MORE! Jacob yelled out. I got this. One hand at a time, holding on for dear life, I made it end to end, 60 feet!

It felt great and I did way more than I thought I could. That’s what Crossfit is all about! Overcoming our own mental limits that we place on ourselves. We are capable of so much more than we think. In that spirit I decided to share the challenge with the rest of the box. Go as far as you can. So, each month, I will come up with a fun physical challenge that you will have the whole month to complete. You can try them as many times as you like, and you can do extra training outside of the WOD. It’s all up to you!

For September, we are doing a 10k trail run around Bond Lake on Sat. 9/9. I hope to see you there!


-Coach Doza