Jamie already achieved her goal for June!

Jamie already achieved her goal for June!

WOD for Wednesday, June 19

WODs at 6, 8:30, & 11:45 am and 5:15 & 6:30 pm
Boot Camp at 6, 7, & 8:30 am

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s workout. The only way to get better at double unders is by practicing double unders.

We’re going to be completing a benchmark WOD today.

Establish maximum height box jump

After warming up, spend no more than 1o minutes establishing maximum height box jump.

EMOTM for 30 minutes complete the following:
5 pull-ups
10 pushups
15 air squats

If you are unable to complete a round within the minute, complete the round nonetheless. Begin another round at the top of the following minute. For example, if during round 15 you complete 5 pull-ups, 10 pushups, and 10 air squats, complete the remaining 5 air squats, rest the remainder of round 16, and start again at the top of round 17.

This is a benchmark WOD, so ensure that all reps are with full range of motion. Do not count a rep if you know you haven’t completed with correct form and/or if a coach calls “No rep!”

—Pull-ups | Arms full extended and elbows locked at bottom and chin above the bar at top of rep. No chicken necking. No chin-ups.
—Pushups | Chest to the floor at bottom and arms fully extended and elbows locked at top of rep. No snaking, no down dogging.
—Air squats | Hips below parallel at bottom and hips fully extended at top of each rep. 

Make every rep count.

Record the length of time it takes you to complete each round. I suggest creating a numbered list from 1 to 30. Glance at the clock when you complete the 15th air squat and record that time.

The coaches will be recording on the whiteboard your number of completed rounds and total work time. Thus, if you complete all rounds in 30 seconds your scores would be 30 rounds and 15 minutes.