Programming this week

Calling all the Mavericks this week as we have a need for speed. Following the cadence of the wave cycle, programming this week will be all about speed! In choosing movement, scaling, and weights, the goal is to be able to move fast (and well). Remember, scaling is….

• Turkish get ups. Lots of them. “JT” benchmark Metcon. Talk about a pump!

•Speed squats and rowing. A metcon of deadlifts and dubs. You’ll be thankful that we’re using lower body today after Monday! 

•Gymnastics day with pull-ups and pull-up development. A Metcon of overhead squats and box jump overs

•A looooong workout with biking, step ups, sit ups, and snatching for all!

•Working on speed with touch-n-go power cleans. The metcon will have front squats and bar facing burpees.

• Partner workout with running, swinging, and pulling! 

•Annie goes for a row 🙂 

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around