• HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! This doesn’t simply mean bring water to class, but rather be intentional about your water intake from the moment you wake up.  Not a fan of water? There are other ways to hydrate like with hydrating foods!
  • Nutrition Coaching – Ashlyn has a waitlist again, but more spots coming soon! Sign-up here
  • No Yoga Sunday, July 3rd – However, Wednesday Zoom at 7:15-8:30 is still on!

Programming this week

What a powerful CrossFit total and previous cycle. Over 65 PR’s in the total and countless PR’s throughout the cycle! Regardless of whether or not you PR’d, you showed up and you gave your effort whatever it was on that day. This week we’re moving into a new 8-week cycle on weightlifting. Expect to focus on the Snatch and Clean and Jerk with supporting movements. For our first week of the cycle we’ll be setting a baseline. Don’t be swindled or pressured by the “1RM” in our notes, but rather give it your best effort. We will use these numbers for the rest of cycle.

•1 RM Snatch. Metcon of rowing, hang power cleans, and bar facing burpees. 

•Gymnastics day with rings. Metcon of HSPU and deadlifts.

•1 RM Front squat. Metcon of toes to bar, overhead squats, and running.

•Rope climbs, box jumps, and burpee cleans! Wear your long pants/socks! 

•1 RM Clean & Jerk. Metcon of wall balls and kettlebell swings.

• Partner workout of rowing, dubs, pull-ups, and snatches.

•Metcon of rowing, slam balls, db cleans, burpees, goblet squats, shoulder overhead. That’s it…

Happy lifting!

Coach Ashlyn and Coach Marni