1. Arrive to class and be READY TO GO at LEAST 5 minutes prior to class time. This means you have all required equipment. Required equipment for each class is written on the white board. We understand “life” happens. If you are not going to be able to meet the above request either text your coach or wait until the next class time so as not to be disruptive. If you become a “repeat offender” you may be asked to come back to another class.
    2. Reserve your spot in class prior to showing up. Reserving your spot helps your coaches have a good idea of space constraints, layout, and movement modifications. It helps you have a better experience too! If you do not know how to reserve a spot, please ask a coach or read here!
    3. Chalk remains IN the provided chalk buckets. Please do not take pieces out and place on a J hook etc as it usually ends up on the floor. If this happens please advise your coach so he or she can provide you with the means to clean this up.
    4. Remember to put ALL equipment away after class.
    5. Summer months are upon us. Wear your deodorant.
  • Lost And Found – Nobody thinks it’s THEIR stuff…. until they go look. Any unclaimed items will be donated/disposed of if not claimed by Friday.
  • Nutrition Coaching – Ashlyn has a waitlist again, but more spots coming soon! Sign-up here

Programming this week

Volume week! If you thought that you weren’t getting enough volume yet, just wait. When we think about movement options for this week, we’re going to want to choose options/scaling/loads that will safely allow us to get the most reps possible.

• Split Jerk. Metcon of dubs, wallballs, and TTB

•Deadlift and double kettlebell swings. Metcon of burpees to target and SDLHP

•Gymnastics with ring work. Metcon of rowing, vertical pulling and mixed grip step ups.

•Agility work. Metcon of power cleans, box jumps, and running.

•Back squats. Metcon of hang power cleans and strict HSPU

• Hero WOD “Eva Strong”

•Rowing games and a benchmark workout with deadlift, benchpress, and cleans. 

Thanks again everyone
Each week our community proves it is the best around