CFS Intrabox Competition – August 26, 2017, 8 am

4 person teams: 2 male, 2 female

Divisions: Rx and Intermediate/Novice

Is my team an Rx team or an Intermediate/Novice Team?  If you answer “Yes” to 3 or more of the 5 questions below, your team is in the Rx division. If not, you’re in the Intermediate division.  If you are still unsure, please see Coach Nick and he will help determine your division.  Nick has the right to place you in a division as well, based on his judgment.

  • Are 2 or more team members able to do a bar or ring muscle-up?
  • Are 2 or more of your team members able to string 50+ double unders together?
  • Are 2 or more members able to string together multiple hand stand push-ups?
  • Do you have a male member with a 350+ pound deadlift, and a female with a 200+ deadlift?
  • Do you have a male and female who regularly Rx the Surmount programming?

Scoring will follow CrossFit Games style scoring.

Prizes: TBD



Event #1 and #2 (Rx and Intermediate)

10 minute AMRAP:

  • 2K row for time
  • Max burpees and toes to bar/knees to 90 (intermediate)

At 3,2,1 GO… One athlete begins the 2K row for time – this time will be your score for event #1.  Other athletes will rotate for first 5 minutes of 10 minute AMRAP accumulating as many burpees as possible.  Only 1 athlete may be doing burpees at a time, one athlete must in a dead hang from the rig for burpees to count, and one athlete can rest.  Team members may rotate between rowing, burpees, dead hang, and rest as needed.

At the 5-minute mark, burpees change to toes to bar/knees to 90, and teams aim to accumulate max toes to bar or knees to 90 as possible.  Again, one athlete must be in dead hang from the rig for toes to bar/knees to 90 to count.

When the 2k row is complete, that 4th member may join in with others to rotate in and out accumulating toes to bar/knees to 90.  Score for event #2 is total burpees + toes to bar/knees to 90.


Event #3

16 minutes to establish:

1 rep max clean and jerk, each for 1 male and 1 female member

1 rep max deadlift, each for 1 male and 1 female member

Score is total weight of 4 lifts.


Event #4

“The Apex Quadruplet”

Relay race style for time…

Athlete will complete 1 lap around the building (out the garage doors, to the LEFT, down the concrete path, into the grass, back down the sidewalk in front of the buildings, and in the front door), then 1 rope climb (for RX only), then 20 med ball over the box box jumps, and 20 thrusters. They will then tag the next teammate to go through all ove the above.  Time is recorded when last athlete completes last thruster

A med ball over the box box jump involves picking up the medball, tossing it over the box, then jumping up and over the box for 1 rep.

Weights are as follows:

Rx med ball weight is 20# for all team members

Rx thruster weight is 95 for men, 65 for women

Rx box height is 24″ for all

Intermediate med ball weight is 14# for all team members

Intermediate thruster weight is 75 for men, 55 for women

Intermediate box height is 20″ for all



Event #5

For time:



Handstand push-ups

Bar Muscle-ups

Power snatches (115/85)

Front squats





Shoulder to Overhead (75/53)

Power Snatches

Front squats


Each athlete must complete one of the movements each set.  For example, athlete 1 does the 10 HSPU’s, athlete 2 does the bar muscle-ups, athlete 3 does the power snatches, athlete 4 does the front squats. On the next set of 8, athletes may choose to do a different movement, but again, each do all the reps of one movement, i.e. one athlete can’t do power snatches and front squats in the same set.