First, tell us a little bit about yourself. What are your interests outside of CrossFit?

I am married to my one and only husband, Jim, who is still “the one.” We dated for close to five years before we got married. He was my date to my senior prom. My senior year of College, two days before Christmas, I suffered a grand mal seizure and nearly died. It turned out I had altrovenous malformation in my brain, a congenital birth defect, that caused me to have a brain hemmorage and the aforementioned seizure. Five days later I had brain surgery. I spent several weeks in the trauma ICU where several other patients died around me. I like to believe that I survived because something about my existence was of some importance. I never forget that each and every day. I like to believe my kids Ronnee and Toby are part of the importance, as they are the absolute most important things to me.

I am a licensed professional counselor and I have my own private practice where I work mainly with adolescents, families, and couples. I love to dance, love the beach, and love to play and watch sports of all kinds.

How and why did you get involved in CrossFit?

I am very competitive and love fitness. I had done P90, P90X, run a half marathon and done other fitness programs but had become bored. One of my clients told me that they thought I would love CrossFit as it is never the same and you can always improve. I saw a Groupon for CrossFit Surmount and that was that!

What was the first workout that you completed? What do you remember most about the workout?

I don’t remember the exact first workout that I did but I know it included burpees and box jumps. I thought I was a pretty fit person when I showed up but I was completely exhausted, even though the workout was only minutes long. I also remember that while doing my bootcamp workout there was another CrossFit class going on at the same time. While watching the women in the other class I couldn’t help thinking that I wanted to be one of them one day. Coach Deborah and Jaclyn were in that class.

What are your current and future training goals?

My training goals are to just keep coming. I am not concerned about my weight but I do care about being fit and as long as I keep coming and do my best I will continue to improve and stay healthy.

What is your favorite activity or lift, e.g., pull-ups, dead-lifts, running, front squats, snatches, burpees, etc.?

My favorite activity is bench press because I have a natural affinity toward it and I helps a girl lacking in the chest arena get some cleavage.

What is your least favorite activity or lift?

My least favorite activity is the overhead Squat. Enough said about that.

What PR are you most proud of achieving and why?

The PR I am most proud of is doing any WOD with rope climbs. I remember trying to do one after a month of CrossFit thinking I would be able to do it. I could not even go up the rope a foot let alone twelve feet. Every time I go to do one I remember how hard they are but now I can do them consistently. They remind me I can do almost anything if I put in the effort.

What do you enjoy more, strength or conditioning and why?

I enjoy conditioning because it feels like a mental challenge to me and in my line of work it helps me. I also feel that it is my skill set so naturally I like it better.

Do you eat Paleo/Zone?

I have done the Lurong resolution challenge twice and believe in the value and merits of the paleo diet. Unfortunately I love beer and pizza too much, along with lacking the time and ability to cook, to ever consistently be on it.

What are 3 fun facts about yourself?

  1. I was a nationally ranked synchronized swimmer and badminton player.
  2. I speak all over the country on cyberbullying and internet reputation.
  3. I am quite a talented lip syncher.