WOD for Saturday, April 27
WODs at 8:45 & 10 am
Community WOD at 11 am

CFS members are welcome to attend the Community WOD!

Warm up
3 reps @ 80, 85, 90% of 1RM

Remember to squeeze your butt. Also remember to push your head back so that the bar can travel up in a straight trajectory. The last set is going to feel heavy. There should be no failed attempts.

Sumo dead-lift high pulls
Lateral barbell hops
Double unders 

Choose a challenging weight for the SDHPs, e.g., 65 for women and 95# for men. If you don’t remember what a SDHP is, ask Tom H. Or your coach.

For an extra challenge, attempt to do unbroken double unders. Thus, if you complete 17 but miss the 18th double for the very first round, start over until you can complete 18 unbroken.

If you are unable to complete double unders, substitute 3 — yes, 3 — single unders for each double under; thus, 54-45-36-27-18-9 single unders.

This is going to be fun!