Week 5, the final week of The Open, is almost complete.  What a tough finisher!  I just completed it myself, and I’m ready for a nap.  The last Thursday Night Lights was great again with 6 competitors. Congrats to Asia, Meredith, Drew, Tom, Brad D, and Stephen Cline on some inspiring performances!

After week 4, Sour Snatch Kids has a slim lead over the Filipino Wrecking Machine.  With just one workout left, it’s going to be a tight finish!

Scores for our Intramural Competition will come out Tuesday after everything for the week is in and we’ll have our final winning team!

Mike Allen is in very real contention to move onto the next stage, Regionals!  He would then complete 5 workouts over 2 weeks at the box, requiring video submissions and validation. Good luck Mike! We’ll know by Thursday where you stand.  All of CFS is cheering for you!

The week after this, we’ll get back into somewhat of a more structured programming, with a strength cycle that mimics a lot of what Barbell Club is doing – press, bench, deadlift, back squat. I’m looking forward to seeing the gains everyone gets going through this cycle.

IMPORTANT Scheduling Note: Starting April 1, the 9:30 class will change to a 9:45 start. This will allow a better transition for all after the 8:30 class so they are not right on top of each other.

The Ragnar Relay Race is coming up the weekend of April 27-April 30 in Richmond.  Check out https://www.runragnar.com/event-detail/trail/richmond_va for more details.  We need 2 more people to join one of the teams. Please reach out to Kelli Kaspar or me for more details. It’s going to be an awesome time!  You need not be an ultra-marathoner to join.

Save the Dates: Grand Re-Opening on May 20th (more details to come); and Murph and BBQ on Memorial Day, May 29th (also more details to come, but you get the idea, we’ll do Murph, then eat and drink).

Kill Cliffs and Fit Aids have been restocked. When purchasing Fit Aids, please distinguish between the different types of the Life Aid beverages so I can track inventory (i.e. note Fit Aid or Party for example to be specific).  Perfect Bars are also available now at $3.25 each.

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This week….



  • Bodyweight deadlifts, 1 and a quarter in nature; and a 16 minute AMRAP with some running now that it’s finally warming up a bit


  • Running, double unders, and a finishing core tabata


  • Epic benchmark workout, my Dave Castro hint would be a picture of Mickey Mantle


  • Snatch series, and an 18 minute AMRAP with muscle-ups (don’t skip it, we can scale that for everyone)


  • The return of Benchmark Fridays – one we tried to do many times, but the weather didn’t cooperate


  • Bench press, then a partner WOD with 100’s of reps


  • Endurance WOD to cap the week – finally we get to do this one



  • Spin-off of the 17.5 workout


  • Back squat technique work, 12 minute chipper