Synchronized presses!

Synchronized presses!

WOD for Sunday, June 30

WODs at 9:45 & 11 am

Announcement: Hero WOD(s) held Thursday, July 4 @ 9 & 10:15 am and oot Camp @ 8 am. WOD(s) to be announced. The Burkes have graciously offered to host a CFS July 4th Get Together Potluck at their home. Grilled chicken and hamburgers provided — you bring everything else! Details and a sign-up sheet are available at the box.

Thank you for your continued patience as we make improvements to CFS!

Follow the programming, Surmounties, and you’ll grower stronger. Don’t do a single activity without first properly warming up and stretching. As I’ve said repeatedly, the only reason that I always do the warm up with athletes at all sessions is so that I am able to demonstrate activities without injuring myself. Don’t do a pull-up, dead-lift, row, run, or attempt anything on the rings without first warming up. In addition, don’t complete additional reps or complete additional work after the workout. My first goal is to keep you free of injury, and a surefire way to injure yourself is to overdo it. I mean it. Oh, and the only time you should be doing any activity that isn’t programmed is during open gym and/or with permission from a coach. Okay? Okay.

Whew, I’m glad that I got that off of my chesticles!

Today is going to be much, much fun! Many of you have already read my report at I was a sweaty, blathering mess when all was said and done.

—25 OHS 
30 push press 
40 front squats 
50 push jerks 
55 back squats
—200 double unders

Rest exactly 1 minute between activities.
Rest exactly 2 minutes after completing back squats and completing 200 double unders.

Complete all reps @ 50% of 1RM. Round up.
Use as few plates as possible.

A rack may not be used.
42-minute time cap!

Record your time after completing each activity and, as noted, rest exactly one minute before completing first rep of next activity. You’ll nonetheless need to move fast. Have plates at the ready, but use as few plates as possible. Suggestions provided at the sessions.

You’ll be completing 200 reps and then 200 double unders. I’m clever that way.

Call “Time!” when you’ve completed your 200th double unders. Or 600th single under.